Renaissance Studio offers private workshop sessions taught by working professionals.

Each workshop is unique — tailored specifically to the interests and goals of the student.
The student will discuss his or her goals with the instructor and they will build a customized curriculum together. We offer classes in any combination of the concentrations listed below.

High School Prep? College Prep? Continuing Education? Hobbyist?

Your instructor will design a class specific to your interests.
You can choose to focus on one concentration or combine several to create a uniquely tailored learning experience.

Here are some examples...

Student - “I’ve always loved art but never took a painting class before. How much experience do I need to sign up?”
Renaissance Studio - “None. Since classes are private, the instructor can work at your pace. The classes can be as structured as you like too. ...If you want to begin your first masterpiece, we can help!”

Parent - “My child likes to draw and he’s into cartoons. What can your school offer?”
Renaissance Studio - “How about this... Let’s set up a plan for him to create a short, animated cartoon. Our art instructor (BFA, The School of Visual Arts) can teach him character design, drawing skills, storyboarding and animation basics. They can work towards the completion of a short cartoon. The studio can even upload the finished work so he can show his friends, family and teachers.”

Student - “I’m looking for a way to create additional income. I was thinking about learning how to make apps.”
Renaissance Studio - “Our tech instructor is an Application Engineer (COACH, MSG, American Express). He can teach you development basics, offer career guidance and advise on next steps.”

Classes MonthlyTuition

Private 60 minute tailored workshop $200

2 Person 90 minute tailored workshop $350

Small group 90 minute Drawing and Painting workshop (5 student max). $100

  • Classes meet once a week.
  • Art students should bring their own supplies.
  • Please contact the studio if you're unsure of what to bring to the first day of class.